SYIP Review: Aesthetic Cafe At Farrer Park With Kombu Pasta, Burrata Toast And More
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SYIP Review: Aesthetic Cafe At Farrer Park With Kombu Pasta, Burrata Toast And More

15th February 2022

SYIP cafe at Farrer Park

syip cafe food

Minimalist cafes are trending everywhere right now, cue Around Cafe and La Vie. SYIP is another one that has been drawing a crowd. We decided to see for ourselves if this cafe started by two sisters lives up to its hype. 

Food at SYIP

syip cafe creamy chicken scrambled egg croissant

My colleagues and I started our brunch with their best-selling Creamy Chicken Scrambled Egg Croissant ($16++). The presentation was a sight to behold, especially with the overflowing scrambled eggs cascading down the croissant. 

syip cafe creamy chicken scrambled egg croissant cross section

Despite the time we took snapping shots of the croissant, it was far from soggy. On the contrary, it was sufficiently fluffy and fragrant, thanks to the blanket of soft scrambled eggs that protected it from the sauce. 

The pieces of mushroom and chicken did well to provide firmer textures that varied from the softness of the eggs and croissant, and overall brought the dish together more cohesively.

syip cafe creamy chicken scrambled egg croissant

The cream sauce was rather light; definitely not the kind that easily becomes jelak after a few bites. Admittedly, I did feel that there wasn’t any other flavour profile except cream, but as a cream lover I can’t complain. 

syip cafe burrata open faced toast

If you’re looking for something with a bit more dimension, try their Burrata Open-Faced Toast ($22++). We chose this because we were intrigued by their unconventional use of burrata, and the dish quickly became our favourite. 

We were greeted with a wonderful spread of colours atop the slice of sourdough. The green kale, red cherry tomatoes, and yellow edible flowers reminded us of the flora at Gardens By the Bay. 

syip burrata open faced toast cross section

I was thoroughly surprised by how flavourful each component was. I did not expect the intense flavours of tart cherry tomato confit and sweet caramelised onions to lend themselves to the earthy kale and sliced radish. The layer of cheese provided a creaminess and softness that contrasted with the other textures. 

syip cafe ikura kombu capellini

SYIP also offers non-brunch food such as rice bowls and pasta. We went with the Ikura Kombu Capellini ($16++), which was garnished with sakura ebi, shio kombu, and finally ikura. If that sounds too fancy for you, this is basically dried shrimp, seaweed, fish roe with a variant of spaghetti. 

syip cafe ikura kombu capellini

I liked that there were shreds of kombu throughout the dish, ensuring that every bite was well-seasoned with umami flavours. Though some bites were a little too salty for my liking, I still found myself reaching for more. If you’re a fan of aglio olio, this fusion pasta is definitely up your alley. 

syip cafe tiramisu

From their array of desserts, we had their non-alcoholic Tiramisu ($7++). Given that the sisters used to focus on only tiramisu in their home-based business, it’s safe to say that they have ample experience in this area. 

syip cafe tiramisu layers

My dealbreaker for any tiramisu is the texture of its ladyfingers, and thankfully SYIP’s passed the test for me. They were not overly mushy, and thus each bite wasn’t too soaked with the coffee. I confess that tiramisu is not my area of expertise, but I found the balance between the espresso-soaked ladyfingers and sweet mascarpone cream to be well-executed. 

They also offer a Kahlua Tiramisu ($10++), which is a tiramisu infused with coffee liquor. 

syip white coffee

Since SYIP serves specialty coffee, we knew we had to try some. We went with their very own Syip White Coffee ($6.50++). If you’re the type to opt for Starbucks’ frappuccinos and blended beverages over their cold brews, this coffee is for you. 

syip white coffee cream

As someone with a sweet tooth, I definitely appreciated the layer of whipped cream and chocolate sprinkled on top. Just by looking at it, you can tell that the whipped cream is not store-bought. It was smooth, but not sickeningly sweet, and thus masked the bitter taste of espresso that I haven’t learned to fully appreciate. 

syip cafe black sesame latte

We also tried their Black Sesame Latte ($6.50++). Though the idea of roasted black sesame and coffee enticed us, I found this latte forgettable. The black sesame flavour was extremely faint, and did little to enhance the taste of the coffee itself. After a while, it felt like I was just drinking a regular latte. It won’t be my go-to drink, but it’s definitely worth trying at least once. 

syip cafe coffee

SYIP sources their coffee from Compound Coffee Co. But if you’re not a huge fan of coffee, they also offer a large selection of other drinks, including various matcha concoctions and lemonades. 

Ambience at SYIP

syip cafe storefront

SYIP is just a bit of a walk from Farrer Park MRT Station and it’s not hard to navigate, even for someone as directionally challenged as myself. Because the walk is not sheltered, make sure to bring an umbrella during wet weather. 

syip cafe ambience

With its clean cream walls, white tables, and punny quote, there are plenty of opportunities for you to take a pretty IG story. I can definitely see myself coming here to catch up with friends over brunch. It does get packed around lunchtime, so make sure to go early as they don’t take reservations. 

The verdict

syip cafe verdict

SYIP’s effort to create and serve original menu items that differ from the average cafe experience is what places them a cut above the rest. With the soothing and comforting feel of their cafe ambience, I know I’ll be recommending them to my friends and family. 

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Address: 79 Owen Road, Singapore 218895
Opening hours: Tue-Sun 9am to 6pm
Tel: 8770 9079
SYIP is not a halal-certified eatery.

Photos taken by Farriz Haizad.
This is an independent review by

SYIP Review: Aesthetic Cafe At Farrer Park With Kombu Pasta, Burrata Toast And More
  • 8.5/10
    SYIP Review: Aesthetic Cafe At Farrer Park With Kombu Pasta, Burrata Toast And More - 8.5/10



– Gorgeous plating
– Aesthetic interior
– Food was different from an average cafe


– Black Sesame Latte could have a stronger black sesame taste 

Recommended dishes: Creamy Chicken Scrambled Egg Croissant ($16++), Ikura Kombu Cappellini ($16++)

Opening hours: Tue-Sun 9am to 6pm

Address: 79 Owen Road, Singapore 218895

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