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Japan-Famous Warabimochi Kamakura Opens In Holland Village, Their 1st SG Outlet

2nd February 2024

Warabimochi Kamakura is now open at One Holland Village

warabimochi kamakura - drinks intro

Popular Japanese chain Warabimochi Kamakura is here in Singapore! The famous warabimochi brand, which has over 50 stores in Japan, is now open at One Holland Village, with a 1-for-1 promo on their warabimochi drinks from 3 to 5 February 2024. They’re also slated to open at the new Taste Orchard by the end of the month.

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warabimochi kamakura - storefront

In case you’re unfamiliar with the brand, Warabimochi Kamakura started in 2004, with one outlet each in Hong Kong and Canada. This is their first store here.

warabimochi kamakura - mochi in box

They specialise in warabimochi, a silky-soft and delicately chewy mochi dessert that’s traditionally coated in kinako AKA soybean powder. Sometimes, the dessert is served with Japanese black sugar syrup, or kuromitsu, on the side.

warabimochi kamakura - mochi pull 2

Currently, you can find warabimochi in selected Don Don Donki stores and dessert shops in Singapore, including 108 Matcha Saro. However, Warabimochi Kamakura might just be the first store on our island that specialises in this Japanese dessert; they’re most definitely the first to have warabimochi drinks!

warabimochi kamakura - kuromitsu mochi

Their warabimochi is also said to be the only version found here that’s made with 100% bracken starch, unlike others that have got tapioca mixed in. It’s also made with a Kamakura-specific blend which results in its signature light, silken finish.

warabimochi kamakura - making warabimochi

Each piece of their warabimochi is cut and weighed out in 40 to 45g chunks, and rolled in premium kinako powder that’s roasted at a higher temperature and for longer than your usual soybean powder—you’ll find that the kinako at Warabimochi Kamakura sports a toastier, richer flavour as a result.

warabimochi kamakura - warabimochi with ice cream

You can order their warabimochi in a 2-Piece Cup ($3.90) or with Ice Cream ($5.90), topped with a scoop of vanilla bean ice cream and Kuromitsu Syrup, which you can get more of at $1.50. This black sugar syrup is entirely made of Okinawan brown sugar, without the addition of corn or sugar syrup!

Otherwise, enjoy your warabimochi in a 5-Piece Box ($7.90) or 10-Piece Box ($14.90). These come in paper boxes, but if you’re looking to gift this, there’s a 10-Piece Paulownia Wooden Box ($17.90) option.

warabimochi kamakura - strawberry mochi

For something novel, their warabimochi drinks one-up your usual bubble tea with two different kinds of warabimochi bases: strawberry crush and kuromitsu crush. The first, made with freeze-dried Japanese strawberries and strawberry syrup, can be enjoyed as Strawberry Yogurt or Strawberry Milk, priced at $7.90 for a medium cup, or $9.90 a large cup.

warabimochi kamakura - strawberry milk

The more popular option is Strawberry Milk, finished with creamy Hokkaido Yotsuba milk and fresh whipped cream. As with all the other drinks, it’s recommended that you give it a good stir to distribute the warabimochi through the drink.

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warabimochi kamakura - coffee milk hojicha milk

For punchier options, go for the Coffee Milk or Tenku no Hojicha (from $5.90)—the coffee in the former drink is brewed with a house blend of European beans to complement the kuromitsu warabimochi base.

warabimochi kamakura - hojicha milk

The caramel-rich flavours of kuromitsu offer a similar balance to the nutty, smoky flavour of hojicha, AKA roasted green tea.

warabimochi kamakura - matcha milk

Then, of course, Asakawa-en Matcha (from $5.90) is the one that matcha lovers should choose. It’s prepared with ceremonial-grade green tea powder, giving the drink vibrant, grassy notes.

For their opening weekend, these warabimochi drinks will be buy one, get one free! Simply follow the Warabimochi Kamakura Instagram page and tag a friend on the post to enjoy this discount. Each customer is entitled to two redemptions! Do note that during this opening weekend, they’ll be starting operations at 12pm each day, instead of 10:30am.

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Address: 7 Holland Village Way, 01-54 One Holland Village, Singapore 275748
Opening hours: Daily 10:30am to 9:30pm
Warabimochi Kamakura is not a halal-certified eatery.

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Photos taken by Casandra Nicholas.
This was a media tasting at Warabimochi Kamakura.

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