Rakki: Home-Based Business Makes Mochi-Filled Milk Buns With Azuki And Black Sesame
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Rakki: Home-Based Business Makes Mochi-Filled Milk Buns With Azuki And Black Sesame

24th November 2021

Mochi milk buns at Rakki

rakki - flatlay

There’s nothing to not like about soft milk buns. They’re pillowy soft and ultra fluffy, and the best of these are made with the slightest bit of chewiness. At Rakki, a home-based business with just one thing on the menu, the buns come stuffed with mochi. These buns have proved so popular, they are sold out within minutes each week when slots are released!

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Priced at $27 a box of nine buns, there are only two flavours at this moment: Black Sesame, and Matcha Azuki. They come in a checkerboard-like square of nine, but you won’t get to choose which one you’ll get more of. The omakase concept here means these flavours may change at any time, so keep an eye on Rakki’s Instagram page for the latest updates.

rakki - mochi pull

Dusted with powdered sugar instead of the conventional glossy egg wash means these buns have an even softer finish than your average breakfast roll—it even looks the part, what with the powdery sugar softening the colours and edges of the buns.

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rakki - black sesame

Taste-wise, we loved how the extra smooth, slightly chewy mochi contrasted against the gritty, earthy black sesame or azuki pastes stuffed in each bun. Unlike the Taiwanese-style buns at Jo-Yi Bakery, which have a multitude of sweet and savoury fillings, and various, more translucent-looking mochi insides, these are a solid white and less gooey, with a most delightful pull.

rakki - tearing

Since each of these buns is handmade, you’ll find that the fillings are not really uniformly distributed; some of our buns featured a thick layer of bread on top, with fillings sinking to the bottom. There’s a hearty portion of paste and mochi though, so it can sit quite heavy in the stomach in spite of the bun’s smaller size.

rakki - verdict

It’s recommended that you enjoy the buns fresh on the day they’re delivered for them to be at their fluffiest. Keep them in an airtight container in the fridge if you can’t finish them immediately, and give them a quick 10s zap in the microwave when you want to eat them.

Rakki releases slots for the following week each Thursday at 1pm. Orders can be made through their Cococart page, and you can expect to receive your buns between 2pm and 6pm. Islandwide delivery is chargeable at $8 a location.

Another home-based business that you can check out is The Tartlery, run by an ex-MasterChef Asia finalist, which offers herb-infused tarts on the menu. Otherwise, The Kampong Bakery adds a very local twist to the trendy bomboloni!

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Photos taken by John Lery Villanueva
This was an independent review by Eatbook.sg

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