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10 Senja Hawker Centre Stalls For Michelin-Approved Duck Rice, HK Chee Cheong Fun And More

10th May 2024

Senja Hawker Centre food guide

If you find yourself in Bukit Panjang and you’re unsure what to eat, we’ve got you covered. Check out our guide to the best Senja Hawker Centre stalls for handmade chee cheong fun, loaded min jiang kueh and more!

1. Munchi Pancakes 

Sengakng - munchi-pancake

Popular chain Munchi Pancakes has a stall at Senja Hawker Centre, so you can get your min jiang kueh fix here! Go for their traditional Min Jiang Kueh, available in a range of flavours: Peanut ($1.50), Coconut ($1.50), Red Bean ($1.50), Black Sesame ($1.80), and Biscoff ($2.30). Else, get their Munchi Pancake, stuffed with your choice of filling, including Thai Milk Tea ($2), Earl Grey ($2), Oreo Cheese ($2), and Biscoff ($2.50). You can even dabao their Homemade Peanut Butter ($11) and Homemade Black Sesame ($16), both perfect with toast for a quick brekkie at home! 

Unit number: #02-23
Opening hours: Daily 8am to 8:30pm
Munchi Pancakes is a halal-certified eatery.

2. Shi Nian Pig Leg Rice

Shi nian pig leg rice- flatlay

Shi Nian Pig Leg Rice, which has multiple outlets including Old Airport Road and Marine Parade, has also set up shop at Senja. Their signature Pig Trotter Rice ($5.90) features house-braised pig trotter with rice, salted vegetables, and a slice of prawn cake. The meat is said to boast a thick and gelatinous layer of skin, with a generous amount of fat for extra indulgence. If you love offal, definitely order a side of Swirly Intestine ($9), best paired with their house-made chilli dip. 

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Unit number:  #02-11
Opening hours: Daily 10:30am to 9pm
Shi Nian Pig Leg Rice is not a halal-certified eatery.

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3. Pin Wei Hong Kong Style Chee Cheong Fun

Pin Wei Chee Cheong Fan Review: Third-Generation Hawker Selling Handmade Rice Rolls

Westies can get their chee cheong fun cravings sorted at Pin Wei Hong Kong Style Chee Cheong Fun’s Senja outlet. We recommend their Prawns Cheong Fun ($5): smooth and bouncy steamed rice rolls stuffed with plump prawn pieces, doused in a secret house-made sauce. Complement this with the stall’s sambal belacan, made with shrimp paste, garlic, onions, and chilli padi. Pin Wei also offers other flavours such as Plain ($3), Char Siew ($4), and even a premium Scallop ($6) option! Easties, you can check out their Bedok branch instead. 

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Unit number: #02-27
Opening hours: TBD
Pin Wei Hong Kong Style Chee Cheong Fun is not a halal-certified eatery. 

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4. Xuan Yuan Vegetarian

Image credit: jimmy fang

For affordable vegetarian fare at Senja Hawker Centre, look no further than Xuan Yuan Vegetarian. Here, you can get Brown Rice/Rice + 2 Veg at just $2.80—a rarity in this economy. The most expensive option goes for $4.50, where you’ll still get rice with one vegetable and one meat. Alternatively, if you prefer noodles, order the value-for-money Bee Hoon Set ($3), comprising one veggie and one deep-fried item. You can also top up for additional ingredients if you want something more filling! 

Unit: #02-15
Opening hours: Daily 6:30am to 7pm

5. 97 Nasi Lemak

97-nasi-lemak (1)
Image credit: 97 Nasi Lemak

97 Nasi Lemak has three outlets: Old Airport Road, Raffles Quay, and Senja Hawker Centre. The West-side stall opens from 6am, offering diners hearty nasi lemak sets at wallet-friendly prices. Popular picks include the Nonya Otah Set ($3.40), Chicken Wing Set ($3.50), and Fish Fillet Set ($3.20). Fans love their crispy fried chicken wings and fragrant rice, which boasts a delicious coconut fragrance. Another plus point: the stall is halal-certified, too!

Unit number: #02-03
Opening hours: Tue-Sun 6am to 2pm
97 Nasi Lemak is a halal-certified eatery. 

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6. Onigirazu Don


If you’re in the mood for something different from regular hawker fare, check out Onigirazu Don. The stall specialises in onigirazu, AKA onigiri sandwiches, priced from just $3.50, alongside a small range of rice bowls. The cheapest item is the Spam & Cheese Onigirazu ($3.50), a simple yet satisfying rice sandwich comprising luncheon meat, egg, sliced cheese, lettuce, and daikon. They also have a Kare Katsu Onigirazu ($4.20), which stars a fried chicken cutlet topped with Japanese curry mayo. For something more filling, get the Yakiniku Beef Oyako Don ($7.90), topped with a saucy mix of onion and egg. 

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Unit number: #02-04
Opening hours: Sat-Thurs 11am to 3pm, 5pm to 8:30pm, Fri 5pm to 8:30pm
Onigirazu Don is not a halal-certified eatery.

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7. Amoy Street Lor Mee

amoy st lor mee noodles
Image credit: @justeatsleep

You can get the famous Amoy Street Lor Mee at just $3.20 for a small bowl at Senja! If you’re feeling hungry, get the Jumbo Meal ($5.50) instead, which comes with all the fixings: braised pork belly, soft-boiled egg, fried Batang and more. Regulars love thick and starchy gravy, which pairs well with a generous splash of vinegar and minced fresh garlic. There’s also the option to add toppings, such as Crispy Prawn Roll ($1) and Dory Fish Nugget ($2).

Unit number: #02-01
Opening hours: Sun-Fri 9:30am to 5:45pm, Sat 9:30am to 5pm
Amoy Street Lor Mee is not a halal-certified eatery. 

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8. Heng Gi Goose And Duck Rice

Image credit: Jeremy Tan

Michelin-approved Heng Gi Goose and Duck Rice often sports long lines, so you’ll want to visit early or during off-peak hours to beat the queue. Their Braised Duck White Rice is well-priced at $4 per portion, and comes with a bowl of rich herbal soup on the side. If you’re extra peckish, go for the set instead, which costs $5.50. Their Braised Duck Pumpkin Yam Rice ($4.50), topped with tender slices of Teochew braised duck, is said to be moreish too. 

Unit number: #02-07
Opening hours: Tues-Sun: 8am to 3pm
Heng Gi Goose and Duck Rice is not a halal-certified eatery.

9. China Whampoa Homemade Noodles

Image credit: Su L

China Whampoa Homemade Noodles has been around since 1989, so you know they’re legit. Their signature Dry Home Made Yu Mee Noodles with Prawns ($5.50) is a must-try. It comes with handmade noodles tossed in a dark soy sauce and chilli mix, topped with big prawns, meatballs, and anchovies. If you’re in the mood to splurge, consider their Abalone Home Made Noodle ($14), available soup or dry, topped with whole abalone pieces and razor clams. 

Unit number: #02-05
Opening hours: Daily 8am to 8pm
China Whampoa Homemade Noodles is not a halal-certified eatery.

10. Project Penyek

Image credit: @projectpenyek

When we did our Project Penyek review in 2020, we were impressed with the flavourful rice, fresh seafood, and delicious chilli. Westies can rejoice, as the popular Muslim-owned stall has an outlet at Senja! The cheapest main goes for just $3 a plate, for a Chicken Wing Set that comes with rice, fried chicken wings, and lashings of crispy batter. The Nasi Ayam Penyet ($6) and Nasi Goreng Ikan Penyet ($8.20) are popular picks too, the latter starring fragrant fried rice instead.

Unit number: #02-17
Opening hours: Mon-Sat 10:30am to 8pm
Project Penyek is a Muslim-owned stall.

Best Senja Hawker Centre food stalls

Senja Hawker Centre has over 20 food stalls, so hopefully, this guide can help narrow down your options!

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