This Home Baker Has Galaxy Mooncakes With Orh Nee And Durian Fillings
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This Home Baker Has Galaxy Mooncakes With Orh Nee And Durian Fillings

23rd September 2020

Galaxy mooncakes by home baker Rachelrax

Mid-Autumn Festival 2020 has wowed us with rainbow Kueh Lapis Mooncakes and blown us away with Milksha and L’éclair’s moonclairs, but home baker Rachelrax takes us, literally, out of this world with her galaxy mooncakes.

Rachelrax Galaxy MooncakesImage credit: @rachelrax

The galaxy cake trend came and went, taken over by this year’s hot favourite Basque burnt cheesecake, which rapidly filled our social media feeds with its oozy cheesy centre and charred top. Rachel, on the other hand, has veered clear from falling down that path, reviving the galaxy trend with her glossy, mirrored creations.

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Rachelrax Galaxy Mooncakes Lotus Salted EggImage credit: @rachelrax

Rachel’s contemporary spin on the traditional mooncake balances the old and new in the Lotus with Salted Egg Filling, which features lotus mousse and a molten salted egg centre.

Rachelrax Galaxy Mooncakes Yuzu Lotus Lemon CurdImage credit: @rachelrax

Also featuring the traditional lotus are Yuzu Lotus with Lemon Curd and a Black Sesame Lotus with Sesame Peanut ─ this second one is a new flavour that Rachel has just released this year, and is supposed to taste like tang yuan.

Rachelrax Galaxy Mooncakes Black Sesame Lotus Sesame Peanut

Image credit: @rachelrax

Honey Sweet Purple Potato with Taro is the other new mooncake flavour that Rachel has created for her galaxy mooncakes this year, riding on the trend for orh nee desserts. These assorted flavours are available at $68 for a box of 4 standard-sized mooncakes and $72 for 8 mini mooncakes

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Rachelrax Galaxy Mooncakes Honey Purple Sweet Potato TaroImage credit: @rachelrax

Filled with 100% Mao Shan Wang durian puree, the gorgeous MSW Galaxy Mooncakes are will appease any durian craving in a single bite. These are priced at $78 for a box of 4 standard-sized mooncakes, or $82 for 8 mini mooncakes

Rachelrax Galaxy Mooncakes MSW Galaxy MooncakeImage credit: @rachelrax

These show-stopping cakes are not your average mooncake for sure, but they are not so outlandish that you would hesitate to bring them with you to your Mid-Autumn family dinner. Otherwise, check out these XXL Snowskin Durian Mooncakes, or 10 mooncakes that you can consider getting delivered, with discounts!

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