Ice On You Review: Hawker With XXL Thai Milk Tea Shaved Ice And More Bangkok-Style Desserts
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Ice On You Review: Hawker With XXL Thai Milk Tea Shaved Ice And More Bangkok-Style Desserts

17th September 2020

Ice On You has affordable Thai desserts

Ice On You Cover Image

We’ve all found ourselves in Bangkok at some point, scouring for trendy, affordable buys as well as delectable Thai eats. For Wee Seng and Jacqueline, the bubbly owners of Ice On You, their getaway to the bustling city was for a completely different reason ─ to learn and bring Thai desserts to our shores. 

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Owners of Ice On You

Bringing both their jovial personalities and Bangkok-inspired desserts into Ghim Moh Road Market and Food Centre, this chirpy couple has been running Ice On You for only six months, enticing passers-by with their Thai-inspired shaved ice desserts and ice-blended drinks. 

Ice On You Menu

Apart from a specially curated menu that suits the local palate, they expound the use of Thai ingredients to replicate authentic Thai dessert flavours in their offerings. You can also opt for your preferred sugar level in their ice-blended beverages. 

Food at Ice On You

Giant Thai Milk Tea Shavers

The Giant Thai Milk Tea Shavers ($13.80) is an oversized version of their Thai milk tea shaved ice dessert. It’s more than enough to feed four sweet-toothed addicts. It seems like Oriental Ice Bistro has competition in the arena of XXL desserts now. 

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This off-menu item had a whopping pyramid of shaved ice, drenched with Thai milk tea and topped with a scoop of creamy vanilla ice cream. It was also accompanied by a variety of elements including black pearls, sago, jelly and cornflakes. The accompaniments came in assorted textures, making for a crunchy and chewy combo. 

I could instantly tell that the Thai milk tea was well-brewed, with its floral fragrance and balanced milky sweetness, though it got a little diluted near the end once most of the ice had melted. If you loved ChaTraMue’s Thai milk tea, you’ll be glad to know that Ice On You uses tea leaves from this brand.  

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Disclaimer ─ this isn’t the kind of dessert to chitchat over. With Singapore’s scorching weather, we had to devour it in a race against the elements, as we didn’t want to risk the melted ice overflowing the bowl. 

Thai Milk Tea Shavers Pearl

The addition of pearls to the Giant Thai Milk Tea Shavers is Ice On You’s way of hopping on the boba bandwagon. Although it isn’t like the regular boba you get with your favourite bubble tea as it wasn’t as plump and sweet, the chewy texture was still pleasant and went well with the milk tea. 

Thai Chendol Shavers

Next, we indulged in their Thai Chendol Shavers ($3.80). Glazed with a gula melaka and coconut milk topping, it came with red beans, atap seeds, sago and strands of pandan jelly.

Thai Chendol Shavers Spoon

As with all chendol desserts, the potent caramel of good gula melaka is key. The sticky and concentrated gula melaka syrup was a decadent finish to this dessert.

The noodle-like strands of pandan jelly, which is personally my favourite part of all chendols, were a bit starchy. I would’ve preferred them to be springier. The Thai Chendol Shavers was a little too sweet for my palate, but if you are one who embraces bold and sweet flavours, you’ll definitely enjoy Ice On You’s rendition of Thai chendol. 

Red Ruby Blender

And here’s to end with the best of the lot. The Red Ruby Blender ($5.50) was a harmonious medley of fresh coconut water, coconut ice cream and coconut meat, coupled with red ruby and sago. Nothing beats a refreshing ice-blended drink on a hot day. 

This thirst-quenching beverage had got me hooked with its sweet, nutty flavour and clean aftertaste. The familiar, robust coconut fragrance took me right back to the streets of Chatuchak market. 

Red Ruby

Apart from giving the drink a pastel pink hue, the red ruby provided an element of crunch, making it even more satisfying. 

The Red Ruby Blender was initially concocted as a limited edition mix to commemorate National Day. Even though we’re way past our nation’s birthday, you can still enjoy this refreshing drink by ordering their Thai Coconut Blenders ($3.80) and topping it up with Red Ruby ($1.20), Sago ($0.50) or even an extra scoop of Coconut Ice Cream ($0.80) for a creamier delight.   

Ambience at Ice On You

Ice On You Storefront

It’ll take you approximately 15 minutes to get to Ghim Moh Market and Food Centre from Buona Vista MRT or Holland Village MRT. This place was bustling with life, even during non-peak hours, which isn’t surprising, considering there are a couple of reputable stalls here.   

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The close proximity of Ghim Moh Market and Food Centre to the neighbouring office buildings makes it a popular choice with the office crowd. We expect that Ice On You to be packed, especially towards the end of the lunch hour, and on hot days.

The verdict

Ice On You Verdict

Ice On You definitely brings something different to the table. They also have interesting creations every now and then so there is a variety on the menu. Even though their desserts are hit-or-miss, their beverages such as the coconut drink and Thai milk tea were on point.

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Address: 20 Ghim Moh Road, #01-01, Ghim Moh Market and Food Centre, Singapore 270020
Opening hours: Thu-Tue 11am to 7pm

Photos taken by Muhammad Hafiq.
This is an independent review by

  • 7/10
    - 7/10



– Refreshing ice-blended drinks
– Interesting variety


– Chendol can be too sweet
– Giant Thai milk tea dessert can get messy

Recommended Dishes: Thai Milk Tea Shavers ($5.80), Thai Coconut Blenders ($3.80)

Opening hours: Thu-Tue 11am to 7pm 

Address: 20 Ghim Moh Road, #01-01, Ghim Moh Market and Food Centre, Singapore 270020

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